Eileen & Norman Amondsen

Thank you Ronald.

An amazing job. To know that we have someone like you working on our behalf at all hours of the day has been of great benerit as a sress reliever. Very professionally handled.

Thank you!

Abdul Aziz Al-Amin

Incredible experience working with Ronald Lee. He was able to give me an estimate without any credit check and that was absolutely accurate. Not like other brokers who will give an estimate same as any online mortgage affordability calculator will give you and then they will say if a credit check is done and property is finalized the amount can change. The estimate should be given first and then property has to be found based on those parameters. That’s exactly what Ronald was able to do. Not only that he was also able to give me an interest rate with one of the most prominent banks much lower than posted anywhere. I will highly recommend him particularly if you are buying your first home. Don’t go anywhere else, or you will risk being mislead and perhaps end up losing hope on buying a property.