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iBrokerPower is an investment training company which to empower you with the knowledge, via state-of-the-art Internet tools, to help you achieve the goal of financial independence. We offers the best two-day workshops in the business. You will learn the winning concepts and strategies to trade like a pro. Our workshops are informative and interactive, giving you hands-on experience with the cutting-edge technological tools you need to succeed.

iBrokerPower offers a variety of comprehensive courses to meet your investment education requirements. Let us give you the trading advantage you need to reap big financial rewards.




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Congratulations to Henry Tse for receiving the Outstanding Global Elite Award 2010!

Henry Tse is a self-made millionaire of humble beginnings, having an CA, MBA, CFP and AMP among his designations. Throughout his illustrious career, he has been provided financial services to individuals as well as businesses to achieve their financial goals. Henry was the CFO of two listed companies. His expertise in taxation and investing has advised and assisted hundreds of clients as they start and maintain their own successful business prior to which he started up the investment training center known as iBrokerPower in 1999. Now he primarily educates on investing and consults on financial planning, and he remains active in his role as CEO and Lead Instructor at the company. Over the past 10 years, he and his partner have taught over 20,000 students on how to invest in stocks and options, many with amazing success stories. Henry is a celebrity in the Chinese community, popularized by his frequent appearances in the media, including television, radio, and newsprint.

garth-turnerGARTH TURNER, Financial Journalist, Former Minister of National Revenue

“iBrokerPower has ways to empower you. iBrokerPower has developed a system to eliminate emotions and guesswork, and the tools to analyze and research investments (features that) I think are critically important.”



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